Welcome to Native Rainbows.


In 1985 Karin Elliott gave Tucson “Rainbow Moods”, which in 2000 has transformed into “Native Rainbows”.  A different name, but it is still bringing you the most authentic Native American items.

Native Rainbows’ mission is to be a bridge between the Native American & Non-Native communities and to shed light for your spiritual journey towards the Native American culture.

These goals are accomplished with the guidance and unique cooperation of the Native American community and with Karin’s openness and availability to answer questions and help in your search.

Whether your goal is to learn more about the Native American ways, or to order materials, Native Rainbows is here for you.  Hopefully you find everything you need and will return often to visit this site, which is always evolving too.

Dan Evehema was the very last of the Eldest Elders in the village of Hotevilla on the Hopi Reservation to totally live the old ways with no electricity or running water.  There was a handful of Eldest Elders who were holding the world together with their prayers and ceremonies and Hopi prophecy was that once the last one crossed over the earth changes would begin.

Dan entered the Spirit World on January 16, 1999, at the wonderful age of 106.  Karin became very close to Dan and his family and spent extensive times with him in his home on his reservation in Northern Arizona.  Many times he would wake her up during the night with his singing and praying out loud in his sleep.  He was truly a holy man.

Dan, I miss you so!!