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“I met Karin at her store in 1994 while picking up donations of clothes, toys, etc., for the Elders and children on my Reservation. The things she sends us are always appreciated. Looking around her business, I was surprised by all the Native American items she carried. We were always greeted by friendly faces, even when I took to her store the young people, who were Runners for “Helping Apache Children”. Karin helps Non-Natives to learn about Native American People with their spiritual awareness. She educates about Traditional and spiritual healing herbs and how to use them respectfully. She shares her knowledge on different tribes, or will do the research. I have stayed in touch with Karin throughout the years. We became friends and periodically visit. Karin is a person with goodness that comes from her heart for the Native Americans and all other people. She is always welcome at our Traditional Sunrise Ceremonies.”
By Ernest Victor, Jr. — (Apache)


“As a Native American, I have always surrounded myself with highly spirited people, being interested in enhancing their knowledge of our culture. I have known Karin Elliott since 1995 and kept an ongoing friendship with her since I met her at a Native American Church ceremony (N.A.C.), where she was respectful, reverent and fully connected spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Karin earned my personal trust, as well as some of my closest friends trust. She always demonstrated generosity during hard times. In addition, her store, formerly known as Rainbow Moods, has become for me a sanctuary and meeting place with other Native Americans. The wide selection of N.A.C. music, related books and items used for ceremony (herbs, etc.) made her store the place to go to deepen the understanding of our culture and ceremonies.”
By Albert Sombrero — Dine’ Nation (Navajo)




“I have always found the atmosphere at Native Rainbows (formerly Rainbow Moods) to be filled with Love and Joy. If you are looking for Books, Music, or Gifts that nuture Spiritual Growth, this is the Place!”
By Mary Redhouse — Dine (Navajo)


“With Karin’s assistance, we have found information that has helped us to grow in our understanding and appreciation of various Native American cultures. By suggesting specific reading materials, she has sped us along a path of understanding without numerous dead-end attempts. Her untiring patience and ability to explain details, as we were learning, was invaluable. With her vast knowledge she continues to lead us in a direction that puts us more in touch with the inner peace and harmony the Native American cultures can offer us in this hectic world.”
By Michael & Beth Hewitt