Vintage Santa Storyteller Sculpture – Emily Fragua Tsosie – Jemez Pueblo



Emily Fragua-Tsosie, (Corn Pollen), was born in 1951 in Jemez Pueblo. At the age of 12, she was inspired by her mother, Grace L. Fragua, and grandmother, Emilia Loretto, to make pottery sculptures. They encouraged and motivated her to learn the traditional art of working with clay so that she could add to the Jemez tradition of making art using ancient methods.
By the late 1960s Emily was making her own Corn Maidens and other sculptures. She specialized in making storytellers, nativities, koshares and Corn Maidens. She earned numerous awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market, the Eight Northern Pueblos Arts & Crafts Show, and the Gallup InterTribal Indian Ceremonial.
Emily was the sister of Carol Fragua Gachupin, Clifford Kim Fragua, Bonnie Fragua and Chris Fragua. She taught her husband, Leonard Tsosie and their son, Darrick, how to make pottery the traditional way.
Emily signed her pottery as: “E. Fragua Tsosie, Jemez”. Emily passed on in 2021.
This Vintage Storyteller Santa has six children on his lap. He is 11″ tall and 4″ wide and is signed on the bottom.